Hello again, world.

When I created this blog in November of 2014 I was living in Chicago, solitary programmer for a small company in a nearby neighbourhood, hoping to connect with the local programming community.

After just a few months, I stopped updating the blog (not at all unusual for small blogs with a limited audience). The reason, in my case, was that I was planning a major change in my life: relocation to Seattle.

Much of 2015 was devoted to this task. I had chosen Seattle for beauty of its natural surroundings and for its strong developer community, but had never been there - so I needed to do some reading to decide whether it was the right fit. I had also lived in the same Chicago apartment for nine years - it was huge and full of far too many books, computers, pieces of furniture and other clutter - and needed to get everything sorted and packed, sold, given away or discarded.

In September I sold my car, hired movers to pack my things onto a truck, and boarded an airplane with two cats (in appropriate containers). I flew to Portland and stayed with friends for a week, then took the train to Seattle to meet the truck with all my things.

It was the best decision I ever made.

I now had a new city to explore, and, with it, a rekindled desire to embiggen my photographic skills. For the next year, whenever I was not out seeing the sights of Seattle and the nearby Olympic Peninsula, I was studying photography and post-processing.

I didn’t touch the blog for over two years.

Now in July of 2017, comfortably settled in, I’ve decided to bring barbarian.engineer back to life. I’m still working for the same company (a mile from my old apartment in Chicago), using Google Hangouts to keep in touch. I’m still the sole programmer and sysadmin.

The 2014 version of this site was built with Ghost and hosted on Heroku. The 2017 version is built with Jekyll and deployed to Github Pages. I’ve restored a few articles from the old version, but omitted those that dealt with its former hosting environment.

The theme is “Lens” by Adventure Themes, available [themeforest.net:(https://themeforest.net/item/lens-personal-or-multi-author-jekyll-blog/17457429), selected because of its photo-centric design.